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 Mingma Gyalje Sherpa-Mingma G                                                                                     
Gasherbrum-I Summit

His Details
Position :          Liaison Officer, Aspirant Guide-International, Climbing speaker
P. Address:       Gaurishankar-1, Dolakha, Nepal
T. Address:        Saraswatinagar, Boudha-6,Kathmandu
Citizenship no:   43021, Nepal
Passport no:        3359528
Father’s Name:   Mr Dorjee Sherpa
Mother’s Name:  Mrs RinJin Doma Sherpa
NMA Membership no:  GM#3320
NMA Book No:             SC#3396
Guide License no:         08-2012-2013- IFMGA/UIAGM Guide

                                       5638(Nepal Tourism Board)- National

Mountaineering  career :-

1.      Mount Manaslu-8163m-in 2006AD-spring- First time in mountaineering field
                         Leader – Mr. Ken Noguchi-Japan
                        Guide-  Mr .Dawa Tashi Sherpa-Nepal
                        Myself as climbing Sherpa and reached upto  6400m           
2.Mount Lhoste (South Face)-8516m-in 2006/07AD-winter
Leader:  Late. Watanabae Tanabe-Japan
Guide: Mr. Nawang Yonden Sherpa-Nepal
Myself as climbing Sherpa reached 8300m. Lhotse via south Face is the most difficult mountain in the World with longest rocky range

.3. Mount Everest-8848m-in 2007AD-spring
Leader: Mr jomak- France
Guide: Mr Nawang Dorjee Sherpa-Nepal
Myself as climbing Sherpa and summited Everest successfully for the first time ever on 19th May with Bruno.

6.  Mount Manaslu-8163m-2009AD-Autumn
Leader: Chunfeng Yang- China
Guide: Dawa Tseri Sherpa-Nepal
    Myself as climbing Sherpa made summit on 29th September without use of oxygen.

7. Mt.Ama Dablam-6812m-2009AD-Winter
Leader: Andrew Stuart Champman-England
Guide: Nima Temba-Nepal
Myself as climbing Sherpa  made summit on 28thNovember.

8.Mount Everest-8848m-2010AD-Spring
Guide-Phurba Namgyal Sherpa-Nepal
          Myself as Climbing Sherpa made summit on 24th May.

9.Mount Cho-Oyu-8201m-2010AD-Autumn
Leader- Shikoda-Japan
Guide- Dawa Tashi Sherpa-Nepal
   Myself as climbing Sherpa reached 7000m. Only 3 person could summit in the same season.

10. Mount Cheki-Go -6257m-2010AD-Autumn
Bangladeshi leader-Mr Mohammad Abdul Mohit
Nepali leader-Pemba dorje Sherpa
      Myself as  Nepali member made summit on 18thOctober. That was the first ever summit on Mt.Cheki-Go

11. Mount Ama Dablam-6812m-2011-Winter
-          Wel come programme of NTY2011 with lighting  from base camp to Summit of Mt.Ama Dablam
Leader: Zimba  Zhangbu Sherpa       
        Myself as Member made summit on 14th January.
By the successful Torch Expedition, the Ministry Of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal honored with

12. Mount Everest- 8848m-2011-spring
Eco-Everest Expedition
Leader- Mr. Ken Noguchi- Japan
Guide- Mr.  Dawa Tashi Sherpa
         Myself as climbing guide made summit on 19th May 

13. Mount Manaslu-8163m
Bangladeshi Manaslu expedition
        Myself as guide climbed it on 12th October.

14. Mount Everest-8848m- South Ridge
Summit of Mt. Everest on 19th May 2012
with My Rolwaling Tshirt 
Leader- Reza Shahlaesharam
           Myself climbed it on 19th May as leader of Bangladeshi team

15. Mount Kanchenjunga Expedition 2013 
BBVA International Kanchhenjunga Expedition
                I climbed it on 20th May 2013. I was the first person to reach the summit this time fixing the rope till 8300m and then climbed with main rope till the summit. There remained 5 people on the mountain forever but fortunately our whole team came back safely. 

16. Mt Bamongo-6400m First Ascent Expedition 2013
      Myself as the Leader of the team made successful summit on 30th October 2013. This is the First Ever Official Summit Over Mt. Bamongo-6400m (

16. Mt K2 (8611m) Expedition 2014
    Myself as the leader of International DD Trek K2 expedition team, we made summit on 27th July.
This is the my first mountain in Pakistan and I am proud to have such a successful expedition on my first leading expedition in Pakistan.

Drinking beer on the summit of K2
   17. Mt  Annapurna-8091m Expedition 2015
   My self as leader made summit on 24th March 2015

18. Mt  Everest-8848m Expedition 2016
Myself as leader made summit on 20th May 

19. Mt  Gasherbrum-I 8068m Exepdition
Myself as leader made summit on 4th August 2016.

20. Mt  Manaslu-8163m 2016
Myself as leader made summit on 30th October

21. Mt Dhaulagiri-8167m 2017
     Myself as leader made summit on 30th April 2017

22. Mt Makalu-8463m 2017
   Myself as leader of Makalu team made summit on 11th May 2017

23. Mt Nanga Parbat-8125m 2017
   Myself as leader of Nanga Parbat reached summit ridge but returned back as we couldn't figure out the true summit

24. Mt K2-8611m 2017
   Myself as leader of the expedition made summit on 28th July 2017. We are the only team to make K2 summit in 2017 where we 12 climbers reached the summit

25. Mt Broad Peak-8047m 2017
   Myself as leader of the team made summit on 4th August 2017

26. Mt Nanga Parbat-8125m 2017
   Myself as leader of the team made summit on 2nd October 2017 as first Autumn Summit

27.  Many 5000m -7000m peak like Larke North Peak, Pharchamo,Paldor peak,Thorong peak, Chulo Far East, Pharchamo, Yalung Ri, Island peak, Lobuche peak etc

1: Trekking Guide training from NATHM - (3rd february -7th March,2009)
2: “Hill Walking And Mountaineering Navigation” course from NMIA - (July25-27,2010)
3: “Mountaineering Liaison Officer” training from NATHM - (August3-9, 2010)
4: “Basic mountaineering course” training from NMA-(june7-july24,2011)
5. “National Guide” from Nepal National Mountain Guide Association  (2012/13)
6. "International Guide" under IFMGA/UIAGM in 2016

Education career:
1.       SLC-School Leaving Certificate- Golden Peak High School under  Government of Nepal in 2006AD
2.       Inter-mediate,+2 – BrookField Academy H S School under Higher Secondary Education Board, HSEB in 2007 & 2008AD
3.       Bachelor Degree- Newton International College under Tribhuwan University- 2009,2010 & 2011

1.       Mount Everest Summiters’ club, ROLWALING
                Position- vice-Secretary
4. Nepal Mountaineering Association
                  Position-General Member
5. Nepal National Mountain Guide Association affiliated to UIAGM/IFMGA International
                  Position- Mountain Guide

1.      Honored as a Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for NTY 2011 by Nepal Tourism Board 
2.        Received a medal of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 on successful ascent of Mount Everest
3.      Different certificates for climbing 6000m-8000m mountains from Nepal Tourism Board     and Nepal Mountaineering Association 
4.      Honored by Bangla Mountaineering and Training Club for his effort which helped Mrs Nishat Mazumder to be the first Bangladeshi lady to climb Mount Everest and Mr. Mohammad Abdul Mohit to be the only Bengali to climb four 8000m peak in the world.
5.       Honored by Espilat club of Iran and Iran Alpine club for helping Iranian mountaineer in Mount Everest, Nepal in 2012.

          Skype:        rolwalingmingma
          Weixin ID: mingmags
Phone:       +977- 9851087896
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